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Welcome to the Canny Student

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday. 

When I told my friends about how I spent my day with my boyfriend, and told them about the cheap price we paid for my spa treatments and a posh dinner, their awestruck reply was, “Was that one of your deals again?!”

I have paid my own way through university, with odd jobs, student loans and bursaries. Being in my third year, I’ve learnt a money saving trick or two along the way to help spread the money further! 

So this is where the fun begins. I’ll update you all on my day to day life, how I manage to save money, hopefully inspire and pass on tips that will help you to save money too, and share with you my passion for bargains. I may also divulge my love of food and fashion along the way. (What student doesn’t love food and fashion?)

My best tip (after budgeting, which I’ll cover tomorrow) is to always ask for a discount. Remember that your student card is your best friend. Wherever you go, whether a student discount is advertised or not, be sure to ASK! As my mother always says, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’. This can apply to a number of things. When I was visiting a friend in Aberdeen a few weeks ago, I spotted a cute t-shirt in River Island that would go really well with my black faux leather jacket, but really begrudged paying £15 for it, especially as River Island don’t do a student discount. I left it, and when I visited River Island the following week, it was the first item I went to, and couldn’t get the nagging devil out of my ear telling me to buy it. At closer inspection, every single one of the t-shirts in my size had make-up stains around the neck. This is where a little confidence goes a long way. 

I took the t-shirt to the till, pointed out the small stain at the neck, and quite simply asked if I could have the item discounted as it was faulty. Result! After the girl checked with her manager, I got £4 off. And said stain came out in the wash. 

#1 – If you don’t ask, you don’t get.